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Service Times

9:45 AM....................Sunday School
10:45AM...................Morning Worship (Sanctuary)
5:00PM (During Fall/Winter) 6:00 PM....................Evening Bible Study

5:00 PM....................Wednesday Supper
6:00 PM....................Youth, Prayer Meeting/Bible Study

Visit our calendar for more details of these and other upcoming events! 
Note: Schedule may vary depending on holidays and seasonal changes.


We exist to glorify God by becoming more like Jesus Christ and sharing His love with everyone.


We strive to continually be a dynamic growing fellowship of believers where all members serve God and impact the lives of people in our community and worldwide.


  • We believe the Bible. It is the guiding Word of God that gives us direction for living.

  • We are a praying church. Communication with our Lord is vital to discern His will.

  • We encourage the sharing of our faith. The Great Commission guides us to reach others both locally and around the world.

  • We have open hearts and minds to what God is teaching us. God works in many different ways which means that we must be ready to go and to do whatever He asks.

  • We accept others as God brings them to us. There are no racial, ethnic, or other divisions that will keep us from accepting others into our fellowship.

  • We have mutual trust between the members of the church. We value the unity of the body of Christ so each member is an important part of each other.

  • We are a church led by the Holy Spirit of God. Each believer has the Holy Spirit living within their heart at salvation and we rely on the Spirit to give us direction and understanding of Scriptures and help carrying out God’s vision for our church.

  • We work to develop disciples. We do this by giving them direction through the application of God’s Word, service through ministry, and sharing of Christ to others.



  • Entering God’s Family through Jesus Christ – Our Salvation.

  • God’s Word –The Bible’s place in the believer’s life.

  • Security of the Believer – Knowing that you are going to heaven.

  • Purposes of the Church – What God is asking of His people.

  • Baptism and the Lord’s Supper – Ordinances of our church.

  • The Great Commandment and Commission – Loving God, Loving Others.

  • Equipping of the Body – Preparing believers for battle. 

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