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Pastor’ Pen      

    Hey Church Family, I don’t know about you but I am looking forward to Spring and a little bit of warmer weather. Even though I have gotten used to the cold Missouri winters I’ll be glad to see some higher temperatures.


    Spring time always brings to mind for me the renewal of life that is only found in God. I don’t know how much you are hearing about or following some of the rivals that have been happening around our country and the world over the last several weeks but every time I read or hear about these revivals I am encouraged by these movements of God.

    As a church we can plan, prepare, and put into practice all sorts of ministry ideas but we know that none of it will prosper unless God’s Spirit is at work in them. As I pray for God’s church here in Anderson I know He is at work. I am seeing God at work through our different ministries. I am seeing Him move through individuals and families. I am constantly encouraged by just how much God has been accomplishing here even though at times it can be difficult to see.


    My encouragement to you all is to continue to pray for God’s boldness in proclaiming the gospel. My prayer is that the good news of Jesus would be on every church member’s lips. I would also encourage you to be praying for sensitivity to God’s Spirit as he moves throughout this congregation. Be observant of the little things that you see God doing and praise Him for that. It can be very easy to pick up on what we would think are big movements of God but have your eyes open to catch those little things that are easy to miss.


    God doesn’t always work through big movements of faith. He also works through us individually as we make the commitment to read His Word consistently. He works through us as we make prayer a real priority in our lives. He works through us as we respond to the opportunities He gives to speak of Jesus to those around us. As a believer you have received new life in Jesus.

    My prayer for you and for us as a church is that this new life we have in Christ would be on full display to everyone around us.


 In His Grace,
Pastor Austin




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