Pastor’ Pen      

2020 is halfway over. What a year it has been! Who would have imagined we would have experienced the things we have up until this point in the year? With six months left, who knows what may happen before we turn the calendar to 2021? The best thing for us all to do during times like this is to look to our Lord for wisdom, and trust in Him. He hasn’t been surprised by any of this. Remember, He is the Alpha and Omega, He is sovereign, and He is working to bring about what is best. 


    I would like to praise the Lord for the fact that everyone in my family who was recently tested received negative results. For some reason my results were delayed, but finally came back negative as well. We have been fighting colds and allergies, but they are all non-virus related. I appreciate the prayers, calls, and messages I received!


    July was scheduled to be very busy for First Baptist. There were lots of things planned that are in question now. We will decide this week about the events that we had scheduled. Some may be postponed due to the response to the virus numbers. We want you to all be safe and do what you feel you need to for your own safety. We do currently have 2 members who have tested positive. Pray for their well being and healing.


    Please remember, during our regular service times the church is open to any who would like to attend. If you are not planning to be here in person, please remember to watch the live stream. Even though we aren’t gathering as we normally would it is important to stay connected to the church family. It is so easy to get distracted by other things. When you watch, remember that it is encouraging to see your comments during the live stream. Those who are sharing the lessons, sermons, and studies like to see the responses from you!


    Finally, I want to praise the Lord for what he has done through you in meeting all the needs that the church has. Through your generosity, we have been able to stay ahead of our budget needs during these strange times. I know it is your love for the Lord and His work in you that has led to this. There are lots of places that have suffered financially through this, but our God has provided for First Baptist! I hope you will join me in continuing to trust Him through all of this and whatever may come in the future. He is still in control, He is still working in us, and He is still the one who will bring all of this to a close very soon.




 In His Service,
Pastor John