Pastor’ Pen      

    It’s March! The year is already almost one fourth gone! Praise the Lord that we all survived the current extreme weather. I hope and pray that we will not have anymore of that as we get closer to Spring and warmer weather. As we get move forward into the year, March brings the opportunity for more change than just the weather!


    Don’t forget on March 14th that we spring forward our clocks one hour. The last thing you want to do is miss Sunday school! We have an opportunity for you to have a deeper walk with our Lord happening every Sunday morning. I want to encourage you to take advantage of that by making Sunday school a priority. God’s Word is opened in every class, and an interaction with others around the scriptures is a wonderful thing to experience! Looking forward to seeing you in Sunday school!


    The end of March will be a special time. Palm Sunday is the last Sunday in March, and the first Sunday in April is Easter Sunday. As we remember and celebrate the work that Jesus accomplished on our behalf, and His resurrection from the grave, let’s use this as an opportunity to return to the sanctuary in person, and resurrect our gathering together with the saints. Worship and fellowship with God and your brothers and sisters in Christ is just as important, if not more, than many other things that people have no problem doing. I don’t understand how the church service is the one thing that many won’t do as their daily activities continue. Easter is an occasion that many unbelievers will attend services for. Believer, will you attend?


    We will continue to go out for evangelistic visitation on Thursday evenings. We need you to point us in the direction of someone that YOU know that needs to hear the Gospel. We have the message that is literally the difference between life and death. Help us to do what God has put First Baptist Anderson, and each of its members, here to do. That is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


    Spring is almost here! As we head into the future, let’s make sure we head there with Jesus Christ as our focus. He has called us to assemble together in His name, spread the Gospel to all, become and make disciples, and to love Him with all of our heart, mind, and soul. Let’s make sure we are doing all the we are called to do in the service of our King!




 In His Service,
Pastor John