Pastor’ Pen      

    The new year is upon us! It’s a time of reflection, a time for examination, and a time for focusing on and committing to a direction for 2021. I am glad that this past year is behind us, and a new beginning is ahead. I am looking forward to seeing what 2021 has in store.


    Reflecting on the challenges that 2020 presented is an opportunity to learn from all of the craziness that we saw. Even in the midst of the chaos, Jesus is still the answer! The past year has served to highlight the importance of sharing the Gospel as much as possible.  With the passing of time, the future is unknown. People are leaving this earthly realm and passing into their permanent spiritual eternity with the passing of every minute. Make sure you are ready to meet Jesus by recognizing your sin, recognizing that Jesus paid for your sin on the cross, and that faith in His finished work will reconcile you to the creator that you are accountable to. Once you’ve done that, make sure those you love have done the same. The unknown is less daunting when you are walking with the one who knows everything!


    Examining the walk you have with Christ is something we should be doing constantly. We have been given a great honor in having our Lord redeem us for Himself. This is the greatest and most important thing that you can have now, and in the life to come! There is nothing worth more, so our focus and energy should be on enjoying our relationship with God. The things of this world are useless and worthless when compared to engaging in a lifestyle of worship of the one true God. If there is anything hindering that worship, let it go. Turn away from it and turn toward God. The new year will can be a time of wonderful blessing if you will remove the distractions and draw near to God!

    Knowing where you stand with God and recognizing those things that hinder your walk with Him presents an opportunity to focus on what is important in 2021, and to commit yourself to making the changes that will lead to a life that is full of hope and a renewed sense of God’s presence. I want to challenge you. If you aren’t praying regularly, start. If you are praying regularly, do it more. If you aren’t studying scripture, start. If you are, find more time to do it. A. W. Tozer says that, “the man who would truly know God must give time to Him.” Do you wish to truly know God? Do you wish to walk closely with Him more than you ever have? Do you wish to experience God in a way that you never have before? Recognizing what that is worth, making the changes necessary to seek Him, and wanting Him more than anything else will result in your new year being perhaps the greatest year you have ever known! The only thing stopping this from being a reality in your life is you and your desire for God!




 In His Service,
Pastor John