Pastor’ Pen      

    March is upon us. February, is always sure to zoom by and we are one month closer to warm weather! March will be busy for us. Associational meetings, Special speakers, Messiah in the Passover, and a fifth Sunday. Plenty to do in March!


    Sunday March the 8th is a Date to remember. First of all, don’t forget to set your clock FORWARD when you hit the sack the night before. Daylight savings time begins that day. You certainly don’t want to wake up an hour late and miss Sunday School. Also, that is the day that we will have a guest evangelist as part of the Shoal Creek Association Evangelism Conference. Plan to bring a friend or loved one you know who needs to hear a gifted evangelist share the Gospel! That will also be the day we have our fellowship meal. We moved that back a week to accommodate the Conference. So, don’t let the 8th sneak up on you!


    On Friday March 13th we will have The Vice President of Chosen People Ministries here with us to share a special event with us. Messiah in the Passover is an experience that will help you see Jesus in the Old Testament feast of Passover. You will get to taste and interact with the elements of the meal instead of just sitting and watching. This is going to be a wonderful experience with one of our Jewish Brothers in Christ. Plan to be here for that on Friday, March 13th.


    Please continue to pray for our youth. At the end of the month, they are going to participate with other youth in our association in this years D-Now weekend. They will be learning alongside other youth groups and enjoying a time of fellowship that is unique to this event. Austin needs people to help with several different areas of that event, so please pray about investing in our youth that weekend. On that Sunday we will have our first Fifth Sunday Youth Service. This is shaping up to be a memorable weekend for our youth. They need your prayers and support.


    April will be here before you know it. Easter Sunday will be April the 12th this year. Please begin now praying for those who will join us on Easter. If you have family and friends who don’t have a church home, this is a tailor-made opportunity to invite them hear the Gospel at a time when many people who usually don’t think about Jesus turn their minds towards spiritual things.


    We have a wonderful Savior who is looking to work in our lives to make us into the children of God that He wants us to be. I want to encourage you to make sure you realize that Jesus is worth your daily attention, effort, time, and sacrifice. Be intentional about serving Him and watch how HE works in your life!




 In His Service,
Pastor John