Pastor’ Pen      

    Hey Church Family,

    My family and I are so excited about our new journey here at First Baptist Church. Over the past three years we have gotten to know and love this church a great deal and now that you have called me to be your new pastor we just cannot believe the love and welcoming spirit we have felt from everyone as we start this transition. I do not know about you but I am still just overwhelmed with the amazing Easter Sunday service that we had. It was so great to see everyone, to welcome new visitors with us, and to be able to visit with all those who joined us again after being away for a while. I want to thank all of you who prayed for the service, who invited friends to church, and especially those who volunteered their time to help in the nursery and children’s church. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for an amazing month.

    As we step into a new phase of ministry here at FBC I hope you are as ready as I am to hit the ground running. Hopefully over the next several weeks many of our committees can meet in order to brainstorm new ministry opportunities including outreach in the community and in the school system. It would be great to see us more active in the community at large and creating opportunities to share the gospel with those we encounter and to whom we minister. With every new change in leadership there is going to be inevitable change in ministry focus but this doesn’t mean we are going to lose our overall purpose of seeing the lost come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ. It does mean though that there may be some small changes here and there to some aspects of the way we do ministry. This will not be all at once but gradual in order to make sure everyone understands what we will be doing and agreeing to continue in the right direction of growing God’s Kingdom.

    There is something I will ask of you though from the pastor to the church. Please by praying for our church on a daily basis. I know you already pray for this church a great deal but I would ask you to double down. There is so much God wants to do here in Anderson and there is so much he wants to use us to do but none of it can work if we do not pray over everything. Can you commit to praying every day for this church and for the amazing ministry we have? It can just be a few words whenever you find the time but will you commit to asking God’s blessing over us every day? This is the way we start to see change and this is the way we start to see people meet Jesus and have their lives changed forever!  




 In His Grace,
Pastor Austin