Pastor’ Pen      

    Thanks to everyone who helped with the food pantry last month. It is a blessing to know that people still care about the needs of those who may need help! The food pantry can always use some canned goods, peanut butter, soups, noodles, and canned meats like tuna or chicken. Please remember, through the year we can still use your help! Thank you again.  


    December presents another opportunity to minister to others as we participate in the International Mission Board’s Lottie Moon offering. Last year we were one of over 22,000 Southern Baptist churches who helped support foreign missions through this offering. 100% of this offering goes directly to the 3,692 IMB missionaries currently serving around the world. No part of this offering is used for administrative costs, advertising, or other costs. Every penny is spent reaching people with the Gospel.  


    God has called us, right here in a small town like Anderson, to reach the world for Christ. Most of us aren’t able to stop everything and go. This is the perfect way for you to obey God’s Great Commission to reach the corners of the earth! First, pray for our missionaries and their families. They are front and center in spiritual warfare as our enemy seeks to stop God’s Kingdom from growing. Your prayers are needed just as much as any other support. Especially those who are in hostile areas in Asia and the Middle East. Secondly, your financial support means that these families don’t have to travel back to the U.S. to seek support. They have everything they need supplied to them by faithful brothers and sisters who take reaching the nations seriously. Revelation 7:9 mentions a great multitude from every nation and all tribes and peoples and tongues standing before the throne and before the Lamb. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know that part of that multitude was there because you obeyed God’s command to reach the nations? Pray about how the Lord is leading you to support the Lottie Moon Christmas offering this year.  


    I would also like to remind you that the multitude I just mentioned will include people from Anderson. It cost nothing  for you to reach out to your friends and family with the good news of the Gospel. Don’t forget that while others are around the world, we are called to reach Anderson. This is God’s will, and His plan for His Kingdom and His Glory! 



 In His Service,
Pastor John