Pastor’ Pen      

    Hey Church Family, I have been praying for our church very hard over the past couple of weeks. I have prayed for all of the opportunities of ministry we currently have and all of the future opportunities of ministry we will have this coming year. My thoughts have been focused so much on VBS next month and the immense privilege and responsibility we have to evangelize, teach, and disciple the children the Lord has blessed our families with and the children in our community who will participate in this event. I can’t put into words the gratitude I feel toward God who has revealed himself to my two older children and how He has called both of them to himself through salvation in Jesus. I continually pray for my youngest, Judah, that God would repeat this miracle in his life just as he has in the lives of my two other children. The church should help share the gospel with these children and help them grow in their relationships with the Lord through areas like Sunday School, Children’s Church, and Team Kids. But parents, the primary responsibility to evangelize and disciple your children falls to you. I can’t describe the joy there is in telling your children the good news of the gospel and have them through the Spirit’s work acknowledge their need of Jesus and to surrender their lives to Him. Many of you know this same joy and many of you are actively in the process of experiencing this joy. I want you to know that I am praying for each family as they tackle the challenge of raising godly kids in the fear and admonition of the Lord. Some of you are not only disciplining children but you are also disciplining grandchildren or nieces and nephews. Being a parent or grandparent comes with countless struggles and numerous times of questioning yourself wondering if you are doing it right or thinking that maybe you messed up too many times. Take heart knowing that as you faithfully minister to those children in your care that God is working on their hearts to either reveal Himself to them or to bring them to maturity in Christ. Next month we get a week when we focus primarily on these kids and I am asking every church member to earnestly pray for the conversations that will be had, the bible stories that will be heard, and the relationships that will develop as we show the love of Jesus to these children. Jesus called a child to himself once and said unless we have the faith of a child we will never see the kingdom of God. Be praying that the faith of these children will grow and our faith will resemble theirs as they are introduced to the joy of following Jesus.



 In His Grace,
Pastor Austin