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What can I do?  Where can I serv?


There are many areas of service within God's body of believers.  Whether it is assisting in keeping the church grounds mowed, maintenance on the facilities or serving on a ministry.  You can also assist in teaching Sunday School classes from Kindergarten up through Senior Adults.  Where ever God leads you to participate is where you should listen to his guidance and participate.  If you are interested in assisting, please go to the Lord in prayer.  The go the "Contact Us" page and reach out to the church office or fill out the form and we will meet and discuss and pray for leadership.  God Bless!


Nursery Volunteers needed:

If you are interested please contact church office.



If you are interested in assisting with the youth, teaching Sunday School, co-coordinating activities please drop by the church office and ask for more information.  God Bless!

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